Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Cousin Andy

My dad is one of three brothers. Between them, they have five girls and one boy. We lived far apart when we were kids, and didn't get to see each other very much. But I have many fond memories of my cousin Andy. He has always been "loaded up" with personality and kept our family gatherings very entertaining.

Andy always did everything with his whole heart. And now that he is an adult, it is no different.
When he was in college, Andy went on a mission trip to India and fell in love with the people there. That trip sparked a deep and abiding desire to serve widows and orphans around the world. I'll be honest, at times we wondered what was going on with Andy. He would load up everything he owned, spend his last dollar getting to India, and then give away everything he had while there. He has been critically ill with meningitis in a foreign, "developing" country. He has been down to his last penny, not knowing how he would pay his bills, when God miraculously intervened and provided a way. But Andy always said there is no safer place to be than the center of God's will. His life of ministry has certainly proven that time and again.

As Andy once put it on his Facebook page, "Just because you aren't serving widows and orphans doesn't mean God didn't ask you to." He and his beautiful wife, Susan, spend every moment focused on just that. They now support four orphanages in India, Ghana, and Haiti. Their company, Chunky Junk, sells jewelry hand made by a group of ladies in Dehli, India with proceeds going directly to the support of these orphanages. I have a couple of beautiful pieces that I would love to show you if you're interested in seeing the craftsmanship up close. You can be certain that in buying this jewelry, you are participating in a ministry that truly loves the Lord first and then loves every neighbor, especially the least among us.

I hope you will consider supporting Andy and Susan in their ministry efforts. Be blessed!

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