Monday, June 20, 2011

Two Down, Six to Go...

School has been out for two weeks, and I am only just now recovering from the "mad-dash to the finish line" that is the month of May. For some reason, this year seemed more hectic and chaotic than years past. But it probably had more to do with age and exhaustion than actual events.

Caleb's April CF appointment (and throat culture) revealed the miraculous absence of pseudamonas in his lungs. PRAISE THE LORD!!! We have had no breathing treatments (now only do the vest) since mid-April and it has been PURE HEAVEN! We are trying to enjoy every moment because we realize there is a good chance he'll have pseudamonas growing in his lungs again at some point in the future (probably sooner rather than later), but for now we are enjoying the lack of this arduous task in our lives (and damaging germs in Caleb's lungs). We see the CF doctor again next month.

May was filled with many "firsts." Caleb's baby dedication was May 15th (see previous post). May also brought Caleb's first outing to a public place (a restaurant on Mother's Day). He did great, and I only wiped down his area a couple of times, so I was pretty proud of myself, too! Joshua "graduated" from preschool May 19th. He and his classmates put on a performance that still has me chuckling. Darrell and I had no idea that Joshua would be so comfortable "performing" in front of a room full of people. But I guess he comes by it honestly... :)

On May 21st, we participated in our first Great Strides walk. Our team raised $5,000 for the CF foundation, a much larger amount that I originally hoped for. I am still blown away by the generosity of our friends and family. Seventeen people walked with us, and our red "Caleb's Crew" t-shirts were a hit. We were the only team out there wearing eye patches (arrgggghhh, matey!) I can't wait to walk again next year, and I hope we'll be able to raise a lot more money and have a lot more people walking with us!

Sometime in May, Caleb starting walking. At first he did this funny "side step" and he kind of looked like a fiddler crab walking across the floor. He now puts one foot in front of the other, but he still has a "hitch in his get-along" as my dad says. At least he now walks faster than he crawls (which is saying a lot, for those of you who have witnessed Caleb's "speed crawling").

Joshua started "playing" soccer this month. We found a great organization (i9 Sports) that caters to kids who have very little to no experience playing sports. We practice and play on Wednesday evenings (6:45-8:15) for the months of June and July. This way Joshua can get some experience and decide if he likes playing soccer before we commit ourselves to multiple practices and games every week. So far he likes it, and in the fall we may sign him up to play t-ball (same format, on Sunday evenings). I'll admit, it's pretty entertaining to watch a bunch of kids who really don't know what they're doing trying to "play" together. And the coaches are just awesome. No pressure. Just fun.

I also found out this month that I have gall stones. I had my first gall bladder attack a few weeks after Caleb was born, and I've been trying to manage it with my diet since then. Over Memorial Day I had another bad attack, and realized it was time to go to the doctor. "Numerous gall stones" were visible on the ultrasound. I saw the surgeon on Monday afternoon, and it seems inevitable that I'll have to have it removed. It must be a rite of passage in my family - both my grandmothers, my mom, my aunt, and several cousins have all had their gall bladders out.

I am so grateful for the respite of summer. Even though the heat is sometimes unbearable, I love the opportunity to "do whatever I want" most days (of course, as a parent, that is somewhat modified by the whims of my children). I am catching up on my reading (mostly fluff) and spending time with friends. I am determined to slow down and savor the "rest" of these next few weeks. August will be here before we know it, and I want to soak up all the relaxation I can before then!

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