Saturday, March 10, 2012

Words I Thought I'd Never Write

Fundraising is a tricky business. Growing up, I hated any kind of fundraising. I usually just begged my mom to contribute the minimum required amount or I paid it out of my own pocket. If I was required to get donations from people other than those who gave birth to me, I would ask my grandparents, maybe aunts and uncles, but absolutely no one else.

But when "the cause" is saving the life of your own child, everything changes. Even for someone like me, who is not a natural "fundraiser." The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has been instrumental in the development of new, life-saving drugs that treat the underlying genetic defect of CF. Our own "miracle" is right around the corner (see previous post) and it's all because of the tireless efforts of the CF Foundation and its countless supporters.

Another CF mom put it this way: If you have a kid with CF, you no longer have to think about your "wish" before blowing out birthday candles or when you see a shooting star. Your wish is always the same. Let my son live and be healthy. Let there be a cure for this disease. Please don't make me attend my own child's funeral.

So here I am... doing the very thing I hated all those years ago. Making a "plug" for my cause. Asking for donations. Hoping you'll join with us in fighting this horrible, crippling, life-stealing disease. Supporting those who are making this "wish" for so many into a reality. Here's how you can help:

First, you can make a donation directly to our Great Strides team, Sprinkle's Soldiers. It's not too late to join the team if you'd like to walk with us in May!

Second, you can purchase a Satin Hands skin care set from Celeste Denmark with Mary Kay. She is donating $15 from every set sold (each costs $34) to our Great Strides team. These sets make great Easter and Mother's Day gifts, so stock up and support a great cause! For online orders, visit Celeste's page and enter promo code CALEB at checkout.

Third, you can shop the wonderful world of Tastefully Simple. If you have never tried Tastefully Simple products, you are in for a treat! We are having another party in April, but you can go ahead and shop now, entering my name (Erin Sprinkle) as the hostess during the checkout process. You'll receive your items now, and our party will get the credit for your order! Our February party resulted in a donation of $335 to our team, and I'd like to shoot for $500 in April. Click here to start shopping!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting the CF Foundation. I am so proud to be fundraising for them.... and those are words I thought I'd never write!

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