Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Splashes of Glory

The winter months can be hard for me. After the hoopla of the holidays is over, it often seems like a long, slow climb to spring. Cold weather keeps us indoors and the ever-present fear of sickness keeps us at home. As the months wear on, I start to feel forlorn and pensive. The inactivity lends itself to reflection as thoughts turn inward.  Everything in me wants to hibernate as I trudge through the monotony of the day-to-day, and I long for something to change.

One particularly cold morning, not too long ago, I stood at the kitchen sink looking out into the woods behind our house. I was feeling pretty ho-hum about the day, completely oblivious to the beauty of the winter scene before me. Out of nowhere a bright red cardinal landed in the barren branches and the intense contrast of the scene took my breath away. It was an instant reminder of just how beautiful, how blessed my life is. It shook me out of my doldrums and brought a grateful tear to my eye. In an instant, my whole outlook changed. It was as if God winked at me.

I have recently been reminded in a very big way how intimately God is involved in our daily lives. At times it feels like He is turning a blind eye to our fervent requests and our prayers go unanswered. We feel frustrated, ignored, unimportant. We feel small and insignificant. We may even decide our prayers are without value and stop praying altogether. And then, with almost no warning, He gives us the desire of our heart and we are left breathless with the wonder of his tender care of us. We see the careful preparation of his perfect plan in hindsight and we are humbled by our lack of faith in his timing. In these moments I swear to myself that I will never again doubt Him, that I will have perfect trust from now on. I will stop worrying about the future and instead rest in the assurance that The Lord is already in tomorrow. My faith stretches and grows in these moments and even though my fragile human nature fails time and again, I am strengthened and renewed by these "splashes of glory."

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