Thursday, January 14, 2016

Happy Birthday, Caleb!

I can't believe Caleb will be six years old next week. What a gift he is! Funny and full of life, he loves people. He draws them in with his big blue eyes and deep dimples. His world is expanding at an incredible rate as he encounters new ideas and experiences. His hardships are "just another day in the life" for him and he bears it all (mostly) with an acceptance that belies his age.

Caleb's birth opened our eyes to a world we did not know, a world where every moment counts and each day is lived with intention. We have the privilege of truly understanding what matters most to us and we try not to take anything for granted. It's hard to remember what life was like before Caleb arrived on the scene. It is sometimes messy and often chaotic, but our home is full of LIFE and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Little did we know, we gained an entire family the day Caleb was diagnosed with CF, a community of strangers who instantly became forever-friends. The CF Foundation is more than just an organization of faceless names working toward an objective goal. These people are family. Their mission is our lifeline. It's personal. Their tireless commitment to a cure for CF fuels our hope and it is a privilege to help in their efforts, no matter how great our small our contributions.

We can't wait for Great Strides this year! Our team website is already up and we are recruiting walkers (register here)!! Please join us if you can - May 21 at Georgia Tech. There is no registration fee and no minimum donation. If you can't walk with us but would still like to support Caleb's Caped Crusaders, you can make a donation using this link.

Our team t-shirts are ADORABLE this year and we will once again be selling them as a fundraiser. Let me know if you want one. Team members get theirs for FREE!

What better way to celebrate Caleb's life than to support the organization that is working so hard to save it? He asked me last week if he would live to be as old as grandfather (who lived to be 88). Because of the work of the CF Foundation, because of the commitment of countless scientists and medical professionals, and because of the generosity of private donors like you, I could honestly answer, "It's absolutely possible."

Check out this video staring Caleb!


  1. Erin, I would like for you to come speak at my lodge on March 15. I want to help you make this your best year ever.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Caleb! Anything is possible! Great job Erin! May Caleb live to be as old as Mr. Roy.

  3. Happy Birthday Caleb!! From Debby B.; Baxley Point


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