Friday, January 29, 2016

Quick Clinic Update

I am so grateful for your outpouring of love and concern for Caleb and our family this week. Here's a quick update from yesterday's clinic appointment.

Overall, the news was good. Caleb grew a little taller, but his weight stayed the same. After several unsuccessful attempts, he finally did well on his pulmonary function test (a test that requires some serious technique!) Blood work was traumatic as usual, but over quickly thanks to the expertise and impressive focus of the nurse. Results of his liver function test and throat culture will be ready sometime next week. We're praying for good results on both!

Because Caleb is now six, he will begin taking the adult dose of Kalydeco (twice the dose he has been taking). We will continue to monitor his liver function with the increase, although we are not expecting any problems. He will also add Prevacid daily to address what appears to be mild reflux (and may be contributing to his periodic cough).

We are thrilled with the results of his chest CT. Lack of bronchiectasis is wonderful at his age. His cough has completely cleared and we have ten days left on Augmentin. If he develops another cough within the next two to three months, we will most likely proceed with the planned admission to determine what, if anything, is growing in his lungs that might be causing the cough. We are prayerful this will not be necessary, but we know that with CF, a hospital stay of this sort is inevitable. We were hoping Caleb would be older before his first admission, but ultimately want him to have the very best of care. We trust our doctors to guide us in the right direction.

Thank you for your prayers, support, love and encouragement. You have no idea how much we appreciate you! Ephesians 3:20-21

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