Monday, April 9, 2012


Today was a GREAT day!

First, we got up early to attend Choate Construction's Monday Morning Meeting at their offices in Sandy Springs. Choate's "charity of choice" is the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and this year, Caleb is the "CF Ambassador" for their fundraising campaign. I personally can't think of a better "face of CF" to raise some funds!! I had the chance to share a little of our story and to thank Choate for choosing to raise money for CF. Caleb was all smiles and dimples, of course. He behaved himself for about a nanosecond and then was off running around the office building. Trying to appear somewhat professional and polished while chasing after your two year old is, let's face it, an impossible feat. But we still had a great time.

On the way home from our visit at Choate, I called the CF Center to check on the results of Caleb's most recent throat culture. And Hallelujah, NO PSEUDAMONAS!!! Thank you, God, for your healing! Every month Caleb goes without that crap in his lungs is another month closer to Kalydeco. My primary goal as his mom is to keep his lungs as healthy as possible for the moment the cure arrives. And no pseudamonas is an AWESOME step in the right direction!

Today was our first day back at school after spring break. I like to call this week of school "the beginning of the end." Even though the next six weeks promise to be exhausting (they always are), the fact remains that THERE ARE ONLY SIX WEEKS LEFT OF SCHOOL. Thirty two more days, six more Mondays, six more Fridays. And after that.... summertime awesomeness.

I love days like today. The sky is blue, the weather is warm, a gentle breeze is blowing, birds are chirping, my kids are laughing and everyone in my family is healthy. I close my eyes and let these feelings of joy and contentment settle in my soul. I know the calm won't last... but I choose to revel in the feeling while it's here. God is so good and I am grateful for every little miracle.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

I know it's trite, but I can't believe it's already April! Spring Break has been very relaxing, with lots of time to read, couch, Facebook, Pinterest, and otherwise waste time. Since I have a little extra time, I thought I'd update with the latest "happenings" in our little family.

Joshua's bi-annual ENT appointment was last month and praise the Lord, his hearing has remained the same. We will visit the audiologist again in 6 months, but we won't have to see the doctor for another year (unless something changes).

Caleb finished up a month of TOBI treatments at the end of March and we went to the CF Center this past Tuesday for a re-swab. We are praying that the pseudamonas is completely gone and we won't have to continue the TOBI. We are looking forward to the Great Strides walk in May. I don't think it's possible to over-state how much I enjoy raising money for the CF Foundation. With every dollar donated, I am filled with the hope that a cure will be found for this dreadful, life-stealing disease. I found this nifty little widget on the Foundation's website; it links directly to my Great Strides page. Check out our progress! I'm so proud of our little team!

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This Sunday is Easter and today is Maundy Thursday. I have been thinking about the suffering that Jesus endured for our sake and the fear that his disciples must have felt. Even though he tried to tell them in advance, they did not know that Sunday was coming.... all of their hopes died with Jesus on that Roman cross of execution. But Sunday morning arrived to find him risen from the dead, hope restored, and a new age dawning. We can live our lives full of hope and joy because we know how the story ends. We have reason to be full of courage. No matter what happens in this life, we have the hope of eternal life through Jesus. I thank God for his plan of redemption so that we can be restored to relationship with him. "There may be pain in the night, but JOY comes in the morning." AMEN and AMEN!

Happy Easter!

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